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Links is building the world's greatest golf and leisure club by buying a course, making golf more accessible, and providing world class benefits to members.

Your Links Champion grants you special access to the Links Discord community where you can connect with members who love the game of golf as much as you do.

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Each Club Champion is unique but certain traits and combinations are rarer than others. The rarest Club Champions are made of crystal or were glitched during the storm and hold elementally-powered clubs.

Some of the Club Champions outfits and gear can be purchased IRL through the Links Pro Shop.

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Traits & Rarity

Category Rarest Item Variations
Club Ice Butter Knife 9
Expression Angry 5
Eyewear Laser 9
Facial Hair Short Beard 8
Hairstyle Glitchy Hair 18
Headwear Green Complex 12
Mouth Accessory Cigar 5
Neck Accessory Dog Tags 6
Tattoo Ace 9
Top Special Polo 66
Trophy Type Invisible 5

Frequently Asked

What are Links Champions?

A collection of unique characters by LinksDAO. Each champion represents a trophy that has “come alive” after lightning struck the clubhouse.

What is the total supply of Links Champions?

There will only ever be 10,253 Links Champions. The 253 is an homage to Justin Thomas’s 72-hole score at the 2017 Sony Open, the lowest 72-hole score in PGA tournament history. 1,000 champions will be minted by the treasury, leaving 9,253 remaining.

Who is behind Links Champions?

The Team at LinksDAO, which launched 9,090 Genesis Memberships in January 2022. LinksDAO is a community of golfers creating the world’s best golf and leisure club.

What do I get?

A digital collectible that can be used as your profile picture, access to token-gated chats in the LinksDAO Discord community, and more. For complete details, read the Terms of Sale.

When will my art be revealed?

At mint, you will receive your NFT in a “pre-revealed state.” The art will look the same as everyone else’s until the reveal date. We’ll announce the reveal date after the collection sells out. At that point you’ll be able to refresh the NFT in OpenSea and your Champion’s art will be revealed. Champion attributes are randomly generated.

Where can I go if I have more questions?

We’re available to answer questions in the LinksDAO Discord community. Join the community here, verify in the server, and post your questions in the “Champions” chat in the Community section.